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Over the two decades or so that I’ve been doing my own makeup, I’ve used every single type of foundation appli…….


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Over the 20 years or So as that I’ve been doing My very personal make-up, I’ve used Each Sort of basis applicator You can Think about. Brushes of all Sizes and types, make-up blfinishers, fingers, that previous-school, triangular sponge that All of us used The primary time we ever tried liquid basis—you get The objective. Whereas I nonetheless use Pretty a Little bit of basis brushes and blfinishers, there’s One which I primarytain going again to, particularly now that my pores and skin, ahem, is in its 40s: The Artis Elite Oval 7 Makeup Brush ($75).

As I’ve entepurple my 40s, I’ve undoubtedly noticed some modifications in my pores and skin. There are days when some basiss, which used to go on easily and with out problem, look patchy and seep into my pores. Whereas Making sure I prep my pores and skin with hydration and a primer undoubtedly does assist, it has additionally triggered me to be extra conscious with The combes that I exploit. Artis Is understood for its incpurpleibly luxe make-up brushes that permit basis to go on seamlessly (It is even been Usually acknowledged As a Outcome of the “Rolls Royce of make-up brushes”).

Artis brushes are made with a proprietary synthetic supplies (not animal hair) That is engineepurple To be used with liquids, lotions, and powders while retaining its type Greater than regular make-up brushes. The brushes are additionally tightly Full of three to 10 occasions extra fibers, which Little question assist with The modern software.

The Artis Oval 7 Makeup Brush, Notably, is good for making use of liquid basis, Simply like the La Mer Gentle Fluid Prolonged Put on Foundation SPF 20 ($140). (FYI, I’ve been sporting this one virtually Daily for The proper medium cowlage finish.) Aside from The good cowlage the Artis make-up brush provides me, I actually like how incpurpleibly quick The equipment is. I’m somebody who doesn’t like spfinishing An extreme quantity of time on my make-up Daily, and have my signature look dpersonal (basis, eyeliner, Barely mascara, and a purple lip) so it solely takes about 5 minutes. I tfinish to alternate between the Oval 7 and the Oval 8 ($80), which Is gooder, permitting me to cowl a wider space if I’m A lot extra in a rush.

Picture: Marie Lodi

How To use liquid basis with the Artis Oval 7 Makeup Brush 

There is a Little bit of a studying curve with the Artis brushes, however general, it’s fairly straightforward. You should apply dots of basis …….